The FIFISH has now been used for many commercial applications, UK & Irish users include; Search and Rescue, Port Authorities, Wind Farm Service Vessels, Fish Farms, Vessel Surveyors, Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities and many more.

Please contact us for further information on how FIFISH can be used in the commercial marine industry.

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For individual showcase videos and brochures please see the main FIFISH product page

ship inspections

Fifish V6 series can easily be used for underwater inspections.  This is a video of a FISISH V6 inspecting a Princess Yacht


An example of FIFISH V6s search & rescue situation.  A search & rescue training with Lancashire Fire & Rescue Services


Ensure your FIFISH V6 runs smoothly by regularly following the guide on maintaining the FIFISH motors


We have lots more videos of the FIFISH on our YouTube Channel.
For individual showcase videos and brochures these are available on the main FIFISH product page.

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