Optional accessories and spare parts for FIFISH V6s underwater ROV


carry cases

Waterproof backpack Bag

Specially designed, lightweight, and portable. QYSEA’s underwater drone backpack is uniquely customised for the FIFISH ROV. The outer layer of the backpack is made out of a TPU double-sided waterproof material that effectively protects the tether spool and remote controller from rainfall and storms. In addition to its 35L storage capacity, the backpack’s comfortable decompression-carrying system delivers a high load-bearing and lightweight carrying experience.

Protective hard case

Optional durable Protective Hard Case with handle and wheels for easy transportation and extra protection between uses.

inspection tools


Optional HDMI Real-time projection screen display


Optional rugged universal sports camera mounting bracket.  Can be installed at the top or the base of the unit to deliver simple and convenient method to shoot various angles.

external lighting mount

Optional mounting bracket for additional external light.

WIFI remote control kit

Optional the FIFISH WiFi control kit provides real-time wireless control on shore to FIFISH underwater robot and real-time video transmitting to the server side onshore via QYSEA’s innovative patented AI edge box. 

Sunhood for controller

Optional Sunhood to hold iPads and tablets. It features an adjustable clamp to achieve a range of viewing angles for an unobstructed operating experience.


For use with FIFISH V6s

navigation tools

U-QPS (underwater quick positioning system)

U-QPS underwater quick positioning system provides the real-time FIFISH ROV location, POI recording, 3-dimensional diving path recording and one-kick to return POI.

USBL (ultra short baseline locator)

Optional USBL for accurate FIFISH underwater hovering position information. 

manipulator tools

retrieval hook

Optional rugged hook with powerful clamp and lock function that withstands the weight and pulls underwater objects up to 200kg.

mort remover

Optional mort remover specially designed for aquaculture operations for removing and transporting deceased/sick fish and other elements away from fish farms or to onshore for further analysis.

underwater dozer

Optional Underwater Dozer specially designed for aquaculture operations to push and move deceased/sick fish and other elements out of the fish farming spaces.

fishing net

Optional Fishing Net designed for environmental fishing and marine education in mind.  Provides the ability to catch and hold onto fish across different types of waters without threat or damage.

water quality tools

water sampler

Optional Water Sampler to collect various types of water in different underwater environments for your specific needs.

mud sampler

Optional Mud Sampler to retrieve and sample a wide range of underwater sediments on the seabed.

Spares & accessories

Robotic arm

With a clamping and towing force of 100N (around 10kg) the full functioning robotic arm can drag, drop, tow and salvage underwater objects. The arm and cables are neutrally buoyant and the arm of force is 156mm.

thruster protector kit

Thruster Protector Kit spares (x 6)

propeller kit

Propeller kit spares (x 6)


Spare blanking cap


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